Why does ViTE exists?

Since the increasing development of multi-core architectures, multi-thread and MPI application became the new standard in scientific research. Thus, new problems appeared and required new tools for debugging and profiling these applications.
Some tools already exist and provide good features. Nevertheless, since the best are proprietary softwares, we aim to give to the Open-source community a powerful tool able to meet the needs of any developer.


The aim of ViTE is to have a free and open software able to display different trace formats with a user-friendly interface. That is why the licence is a Cecill-A one.

What will come next?

Following are some features or developing ways plan to the near future:


Version 1.3 (August 2017)

Version 1.2 (September 2010)

Version 1.1 (January 2010)

Version 1.0 (June 2009)

Version 0.3 (May 2009)